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General RulesEdit
3 stock.
8 minutes.
Items are turned to off and none.
If time runs out, the winner is determined by stock, and then by percentage.
If both stock and percentage are identical, or a game ends with both players being KO'd simultaneously (typically because of a Sacrificial KO via Bowser's Flying Slam or Ganondorf's Flame Choke), then a tiebreaker is played. A tiebreakers is a 1 stock, 3 minute match with the same characters and the same stage.
All sets with the exception of winner's finals, loser's finals, and the championship are best of 3 matches (best of 5 and above should be played out for any "finals" matches).
Controller ports are determined by Rock-Paper-Scissors if there is a dispute.
All people are responsible for their own control scheme/name tag and must make sure it is set before the match begins. Both players must agree to restart a match on account of a controller problem.
Meta Knight is banned.
Stalling is banned. (Stalling is defined as any action that deliberately avoids all conflict as to make the game unplayable. Running from an opponent to get to a better position is not considered stalling, but using chain grabs infinitely against a wall beyond 300% or using Sonic's Homing Attack repeatedly underneath the stage is.)
Any action that prevents the game from continuing results in a forfeiture of the match for the offender.
Some interactions (for example, interrupting a throw with a wind attack) can cause one character to become frozen until being hit. If this happens, the free character is expected to capitalize on this in a timely manner; a failure to do so is considered stalling.
Set FormatEdit
Both players choose their characters (as well as their sub-character and costume) for the first game. A double-random pick may be requested by either player.
Players start the stage-striking procedure in order to select the first stage. The optimal procedure for striking stages depends on how many starter stages are allowed. In the following list, "1" is player 1 and "2" is player 2.
3 Stages: 2-1
5 Stages: 1-2-2-1
7 Stages: 1-1-2-2-2-1
9 Stages: 1-1-1-2-2-2-2-1
Each player may ban a stage from the counterpick list for the match.
The first game is played using the stage chosen by step 2.
The loser of the previous game chooses a stage from the starter or counterpick list. No player may choose a stage they have already won on unless the other player agrees.
The winner of the previous game chooses their character.
The loser of the previous game chooses their character.
Steps 5-7 are repeated.
Doubles PlayEdit
Team attack is on.
Sharing stocks is allowed.
Controller ports are determined in a 1221 fashion, with 1 being the team that won the Rock-Paper-Scissors.
If the clock expires and the total number of stocks of each team is equal, use the sum of the final percentage of players on each team as the tiebreaker; whichever team has a lower sum wins. (A player who has been eliminated has 0 stocks and 0%).
Causing both characters of a team to become frozen (i.e. by interrupting a throw with a wind attack) is to be treated the same way as freezing the opponent in singles. Leaving only one of the opponents' characters frozen is legal since the teammate can work to undo the freeze.
Optional RulesEdit
Port slob picks: On a player's counterpick, that player may choose to redo the port selection process, with that player/team picking their port first.
The Mages DQ rule: After a match has been called, if a player is 2 minutes late he will receive a warning. At 4 minutes late, he will be given a loss for the first game of the set. After 6 minutes, he will be given a loss of the entire set.
Colorblind Rule: In team games, it may be requested that certain characters be assigned a specific team color in order to prevent any unnecessary confusion. For instance, Sonic, Lucario, or Falco may be requested to be assigned the blue team.
For an explanation as to why stages are counter-picked or banned, see Banned stage
Stages are divided up into starter, counterpick, and banned. Starter stages are the only stages that are used in the first game of a match. After that, the loser may pick any stage, starter or counterpick, that is not banned. Additionally, each player announces a single stage each match that s/he wants banned from the counterpick list.

The Counter pick list is split into three "tiers" of stages. All counter picks listed should be considered and are preferably universally used. However stages of a higher tier (i.e. Frigate Orpheon / all unused starters) should be more prioritised in a tournament's rule set. The higher tier stages are more commonly seen in tournaments, each individual tier is explained further below.

The Banned list is a list of stages that should be universally banned from tournament play.

This list is divided into four groups. The first group is always used as starter stages. The tournament organi

9 Spaces left
6th Jun 2012 · [WóL]Rick · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

We have 9 more spaces left in our clan if you would like to join please contact Sucho or me Rick. You will then have to play a best out 5 rounds with 3 lives 8 minutes and no items against me Rick or Sucho of your choice.

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